About Us

Welcome to the official Brutalitees website and as you delve down this rabbit hole, you will come out the other side knowing more about all things brutal at Brutalitees...

🌑 In the grim shadows of 200666, a business emerged that defied all social norms. Chrissy Dawson, known as Steen or Fisteen, unleashed her wicked imagination and co-founded Brutalitees. 💀

Brutalitees became a haven for those who sought to challenge the status quo. Its tee designs, made onsite and crafted with diabolical precision, transformed social expectations into twisted works of art. Each t-shirt became a symbol of individuality, embodying the rebellious spirit of those who dared to embrace the darker realms. 🖤

Driven by her passion, Chrissy slaved away in her shed, printing countless Brutalitee t-shirts. When the jelly beans stopped arriving from a certain blank t-shirt supplier, she packed a sad, but then decided to give customers a delightful surprise—generous freebees with every order, exceeding their wildest expectations. 😈🎁

As word spread through local NZ gigs where Chrissy and Co-Founder Dan Reed Lurked, a community formed around Brutalitees. Those who reveled in the macabre and embraced the unconventional gathered within its eerie confines. Together, they celebrated the power of self-expression and basked in the liberating beauty of breaking free from society's chains. 🖤🌟

Brutalitees, the t-shirt from hell and a haven of gothic and witchy defiance, proved that art could transcend boundaries and challenge the norm. It became a sanctuary where souls unafraid to venture into the depths of darkness found solace and unity. In each stroke of ink and every rebellious design, Brutalitees whispered a defiant message: embrace your uniqueness and rewrite the rules of the world. 🖤🌑