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The tartan skinny jeans are an attractive pair of trousers that can be worn with a variety of tops to complete a different look each time. The tartan pattern looks stunning and with pockets on the front and back pockets with a zip detail to complete the style. They are made from an easy to wear cotton, polyester and spandex material that will keep its shape wear after wear.

The main features of the tartan skinny jeans include:
Skinny Style
Front Pockets
Back Pockets with Zip Detail
75% Cotton
20% Polyester
5% Spandex

Ladies Trousers Size Guide.
Waist 66-70 cm 70-74 cm 74-78 cm 78-82 cm 82-86 cm
Hip 82-86 cm 86-90 cm 90-94 cm 94-98 cm 98-102 cm
Length 96-97 cm 97-98 cm 98-99 cm 99-100 cm 100-101 cm
Plus Size Trousers Size Guide
Plus Size Trousers2XL (36)3XL (38)4XL (40)
Waist 85-92 cm 92-99 cm 99-106 cm
Hip 11-118 cm 118-125 cm 125-132 cm
Length 114-115 cm 115-116 cm 116-117 cm

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