Harley Quin Ladies Singlet


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 Harley Quin is Daddy’s Lil Monster. Buy it and wear it, so, well, you know, you too can blow up stuff, or smash a head in, or maybe even lick a jail cell. Yummy...

DISCLAIMER: Brutalitees accepts absolutely no liability for any granny slaps, torn tees, black eyes, handbag swings, banning from premises, confiscation of tees or burning of tees and even worse, banned and removed off TradeMe. Sadly these things have actually happened... \m/...

Ladies Singlet Size Guide.
Ladies SingletXSSMLXL2XL
Body Width 41 cm 43 cm 47 cm 50 cm 56 cm 60 cm
Body Length 64 cm 67 cm 69 cm 71 cm 72 cm 74 cm

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