GP-5bk Black Gasmask


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Original Russian surplus rubber GP-5 Gas Mask with sealed filter, carrying bag and anti fog lenses.
This mask is a modified GP5 mask (coded as ШМ-66МУ) , made between 1962-1989.
GP-5 gasmasks were originally made for nuclear, biological and chemical warfare protection during the Cold War, and were distributed to most fallout shelters in the former USSR.
Please be aware as these are surplus they have been in storage and some of the masks are covered in a white powder/layer to the outside - this will wipe off easily which will also help soften the mask rubber.

Although this gas mask has never been used, acts as a 3rd party distributor and can not be held responsible for the level of protection this item provides.
As with any surplus masks, we cannot warranty them, and they may have slight scratches or imperfections.
Fantasmagoria recommends using this mask for style or decoration purposes. These are also great for Airsoft, collectors or as part of a costume or interior decoration.

This is a Pre-order product (available to us from our suppliers but not stored in our warehouse) which is typically shipped within approx. 2-4 weeks depending on location of supplier, time of the year and demand. We will be in touch if there are delays on your pre-order product/s outside 4 weeks from the date of order/payment.

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