Brian Tamaki Men's Wifebeater


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$19.50 NZD $39.00 NZD

The Life Of Brian.

This man foolishly thinks he is a Messiah, but is too power crazed to realise he's just a very, naughty, naughty boy.

He likes to fleece his flock of their hard earned cash throughhis  enforced tithes and  love offerings, which is expected to be taken out of his very own Church based Eft-Pos machines.

This is so that he can allegedly finance his next big venture with The Invisible Man in the Sky.

It's definitely not for his next mansion, luxury car, super yacht, flash suit or tropical cruise. Yeah, right...

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Body Width 46 cm 51 cm 56 cm 61 cm 66 cm 71 cm 76 cm 81 cm
Body Length 71 cm 76 cm 76 cm 79 cm 81 cm 84 cm 86 cm 89 cm

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