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Elizabeth  Bathory is the most vicious female serial killer in all recorded history. Born in 1560, she was endowed with good looks, wealth and was well educatied. She was was born into the Bathory family, who ruled Transylvania within the kingdom of Hungary.

It was said that she enjoyed torturing and killing young girls. At first they were servants at her castles, daughters of the local peasants, but later they included girls sent to her by local gentry families to learn good manners. Witnesses told of her stabbing victims or biting their breasts, hands, faces and arms, cutting them with scissors, sticking needles into their lips or burning them with red-hot irons, coins or keys. Some were beaten to death and some were starved.

Elizabeth was arrested in 1610 and so were four of her favourite servants and intimates, who were accused of being her accomplices. They were tried and found guilty. Three of them were executed and the fourth was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Elizabeth herself was not put on trial, because of her family’s standing. She was held in solitary confinement in Csetje Castle, in a room where all the windows and doors where bricked in. Food and water was passed through narrow slits. She was 54 when she died there in 1614.

Where the facts end and fiction begins in her horrible story is now impossible to determine.

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