Brutal Design Comp 2017

DESIGN COMP 2017 Terms & Conditions
(Starts 27th March)

Design your own BrutaliTEE! Bash your brains until you find what you think will be a brutal winner. Think brutal, brutiful, twisted, fucked up, topical, hilarious... things that would make Nana piss her panties and religious folk reach for their useless Crucifix!


1 – The Brutal Crew’s Choice The artist of the design with the most votes will receive 2 tees or 2 singlets or 2 wifebeaters featuring their design... plus $200 cold hard cash!

2 – Brutals’ Choice The design with the most votes from the general public (that’s you fuckers) will receive $200 Brutal Credit to spend on anything at or at our New Plymouth store in Metro Plaza! (And yes, we might even print it, too!)    

3 – Spot Prizes For designs that we deem brutally worthy!

PROMOTION: Entering, equals excellent exposure! You will have your design in our competition folder with a link to your portfolio (if you have one). It’s a great way to get people to see your wicked work!

TO ENTER:  Email your designs to: (Limited to 2 per artist). Images must be .jpg format. Please include in your email: ARTIST NAME / WEBSITE LINK (Optional) FACEBOOK LINK (optional) / NOTES (you can write anything here, what the image is about, why you should win etc).

DESIGNS:  Can be drawings, computer illustrations, colour or black & white, or font based design. Don’t limit your brutal imagination... go bloody nuts! You do not have to include the word Brutalitees on the image. You can have a signature on the image, but please make sure it is not too large. There is a limit of 2 designs per artist.
Winning designs will become the intellectual property of Brutalitees.

VOTING: Starts 17th April 2017.... Simply scroll through the DESIGN COMP 2017 Facebook folder and follow the link to place your vote. The design with the most votes by midnight 1st May 2017, wins! The winner will be announced on 2nd May 2017 between 5:30 & 6:30pm.

 T’s & C’s (In brief)

  • Entries will be taken from 27th March 2017
  • All entries must be received by April 16th 2017
  • Voting starts April 17th 2017
  • There is a limit of 2 designs per artist.
  • The Brutal Crew’s decision is final and no amount of pissing and whining will make a difference.
  • We reserve the right to alter the T’s & C’s during the competition if we notice we fucked something up.
  • If we find out you’re a cunt we might just remove your entry now matter how good it is. No one wants shit that came from a cunt.
  • If you don’t like these conditions, then go to Hell! Wait... go anywhere but there... we don’t want to see you when we end up there!